Pass it on.


When I first asked if i could contribute to this special and meaningful cause, I asked Erin if there was anything specific that needed to be covered. As always and with a pure heart she replied, “It’s about getting the kids back outdoors.” Raise Em’ Outdoors has, in its own sense, opened doors to my own family. In this unpredictable and at times, unforgiving world we live in, I grew accustomed to sheltering my three boys, Ages 9, 7, and 5. Out of my own fears of what was beyond my front door. i lost touch as a parent that if we do not teach our children about the beautiful world that exists before them, they would never grow into their proper skin as an important part of this planet. Away from the views of city skylines and busy industrial cities, lies the true picture of the environment around us. From the smooth, cascading lines of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, to the serene and calm lakes in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska where bevies of Trumpeter Swans call home. These are the places where nature and humanity once shared the most pure and beneficial form of symbiosis. Millions of years of evolution and technological advancement have diluted that time space into something foreign. Luckily for us, some realize that this should and MUST change. To teach ourselves that we ultimately are responsible for presenting the outdoors to our children and providing them with the necessary knowledge to survive in case of need. But more importantly, IT’S FUN TO BE OUTSIDE! So get your little ones out there! Let them smell that fresh air. Let them feel the grass under their feet and the sand through their toes. Teach them how to fish, how to hunt, and how to stay warm. Pass on the knowledge put before us by our ancestors. Help pass this through your children and into the future, knowing in full confidence that you did your part.


Blessings to All,

Rey Reyes