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The Best RV Rental Trips


Renting an RV can be a great way to save money on a family trip, visit remote places, try out a specific type of RV before buying or to get a taste of RVing in general without the initial investment. With RV rental companies operating throughout the country, finding the perfect spot to go may be more difficult than finding the RV to take you there. There are unlimited options when it comes to destinations, which is what makes RVing so appealing. The best destination will depend upon what will meet your needs whether that is a relaxing weekend alone or an extended family vacation. Here is a quick look at some things that will make your trip the best RV rental trip.


How much time do you have?


Choosing the best place to go, and having a great time going there can be dependent on how much time you have. Trying to cram too much into a trip is a common mistake made by new RVers. Most experienced RVers will limit travel to 400 miles per day or less. At 400 miles, you will likely not have time to do much else other then drive, park and setup at the end of the day. Travel days that long work when you plan to stay at a destination for a few days. If you are planning a trip centered around traveling, then cut the amont of miles per day to allow for more time to stop and explore along the way.


If your destination is too far away, then plan on renting your RV closer to your destination. This will allow you to fly, or drive a smaller vehicle, there to pick it up. Either option will be much faster, and in some cases cheaper, then attempting to travel the same distance with the RV.


What do you plan to rent and are you experienced with it?


If you plan to rent a travel trailer and you have never pulled one before then the best locations will be close to where you rented it. Planning to pull an unfamiliar travel trailer without experience more than a few miles, at least on the first day, can ruin your trip very quickly.


As a general rule, the first day should be a short trip regardless. By the time you pick-up your rental and get familiar with it you likely will not have a lot of time left in the day to drive great distances.


If you have no experience, a motorhome would be a better choice than a trailer unless you specifically want to test a trailer out to see if one would work for you. Motorhomes are easier to drive, and do not require any special hitches or hitch setup. The downside is you will not have a smaller vehicle to venture out from the campground unless your rental includes some way to tow a second vehicle so you will want to choose sites with lots of activities and amenities so you can park and enjoy your stay.


Using these guidelines, you should be able to determine what you can reasonably accomplish with a rental RV in the amount of time you have. The next part of the equation is where to actually go. There are several places that are excellent choices for rental RV trips.


Beach Vacations: There are many excellent RV parks near or on the beach on any coast in the US. These RV parks are typically 50% or more less expensive per night then hotels in the area. A beach RV trip can be an affordable way experience the beach and to connect to the environment and your fellow travelers in ways that simply are not possible at a hotel. Some would say that everyone should experience a beach sunset from the comfort of an RV, at least once.


National Park Trips: Many of the best national parks are in fairly remote areas where hotels are hard to come by. While some national parks do have on site hotels and lodges, getting reservations can be exceptionally difficult. Visiting by RV will allow you to stay in or very near the park and experience it in a more intimate way.


Remote areas: Like national parks, there are many remote areas you can visit that you simply could not any other way. This is truly 'getting away from it all' and are best suited to those with plenty of time a few RV trips under their belts. Often the most unique and amazing spots are unlikely spots where free camping is allowed. Also called boondocking, parking with no amenities (and no fees) is extremely popular with self-sufficient RVs making it a comfortable option.


Local campgrounds or parks: Renting an RV to go a few miles down the road to a local RV park, state park campground or recreation area can make for a great rental RV trip. RVing is about escaping from everyday life with family and friends and you really do not have to travel far or visit exotic locations to do that. Many RV parks, state parks and recreations areas provide great opportunities for fun and relaxation which can include spas, swimming pools, hiking trails, lakes and rivers for boating or fishing and much more. You may be surprised what a great time has been waiting for you just down the road.