Raise 'Em Outdoors March Challenge

Raise ‘Em Outdoors is starting a new initiative this year to reach kids across the nation and encourage them to get outdoors exploring, hunting, fishing, and learning.  We are kicking it off with our new monthly adventure challenge. Giving kids a chance to get outdoors and get a chance to win a little something by participating!

Rules : 1. Follow the challenge directions.
             2. Complete the bonus points for extra entries.
             3. Share to any social media site; GoWild, IG, or FB and tag us @raiseemoutdoors in your photos and use hashtag #raiseemoutdoors! Remember if you have a private account on FB or IG, we will not be able to see any posts no matter how many hashtags or tags you use!

If you don’t have social media, you can email in your entries to raiseemoutdoors@gmail.com or just want to keep your profiles private you can send them through DM on any platform.

OK time for the first challenge of the year!

We want you to get outside to your local park, state/national forest, or even your backyard. Whatever is available to you. This can be done anywhere, even if you live in city! Now head out and look for a set of animal tracks ( preferably a wild animal and not your house cat, Pete ). If you are able too, take a photo or draw a picture of the tracks you found. Next we want you to do some research! Ask your parents, teachers, Siri, Google, whomever… and find out who the tracks belong too.

Bonus Points!
Once you have discovered who the animals tracks belong too, research their history. Are they native to your area? If not how did they get there? 

Even More Bonus Points!
Follow the animals tracks to the best of your ability and see if you can find where they nest/sleep. Let us know if what you found with a photo or picture and write about you how you found it.

We will take all of your points earned as entries and draw a winner on April 1!

March Prize: 
Raise 'Em Outdoors Hat, Raise 'Em Outdoors T Shirt, 
GoWild T Shirt, and an OnX Membership!

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