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Oregon Camp

Raise 'Em Outdoors Oregon Summer Camp is a two day and two night event. Kids from ages 3-17 will camp over night with their family at the event location. The kids will spend two days learning archery, fishing, rifle shooting, wildlife conservation and many other outdoor events planned for the day.  Parents will be right a long side with their kids through out the day learning along side them and/or being involved as they would like to be through out the day. 

All kids must be accompanied by at least one parent. This is a FAMILY event.

**Tents or RV's will be needed for camping. If you do not have a tent please let us know and will do our best to accomodate you. Saturday night a dinner will be provided for everyone. All other meals you will be responsible for. 

**If you are a volunteer we will be providing all of your meals.

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Texas Camp

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Raise 'Em Outdoors Summer Camp Austin, is held at the Warren Wildlife Gallery. It is a one day event at the museum. Kids from ages 6-12 will spend the day learning archery, fishing skills, hunting skills, and all about wildlife conservation.  This event will be kids only. Parents will be responsible for drop off and pick up at the end of the day. Lunch will be provided for the kids.

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