Raise ‘Em Outdoors is dedicated to helping kids from any background get outdoors, learn about hunting, fishing, bringing food to the table, and the outdoors as a lifestyle. We have created a great program to do so, while bringing the whole family together.


2019 is looking ahead too many positive changes. We are focusing this year on making the biggest impact possible with our program. Expanding once again on our weekend camps, day camps, and youth hunts. As well as launching an online platform where kids can join as a member and be a part of our outdoors education classes. Bringing our outfit a kid program to in person local events as well as online applications, ensuring we reach the right families in need! Knowing from personal experience that the bonds you create together outdoors can create a healthy family life and stronger kids! While giving a family a heritage to pass down to their next generations.

Raise 'Em Outdoors is a registered 501(c)(3 )non-profit organization. EIN# 81-5309642

Contributions are tax deductible in accordance with IRS rules and regulations.


"One of the biggest inspirations for Raise 'Em Outdoors was having my son Gus. Sharing my love for the outdoors and my passions with him. Seeing everything for the first time again through his eyes. " - Erin