Partner With REO

We love to work with other companies and organizations who share our passion for the outdoors and giving kids the chance to appreciate hunting and fishing sports.  Thank you for your support and being a part of helping us help kids and families reconnect with the outdoors.


Want to provide ongoing monthly support?

You can set up a monthly recurring donation, or have a portion of your paycheck go directly to support Raise 'Em Outdoors each month. Email Erin to set this up.


Corporate Partnerships

We are so appreciative of both large and small businesses who decide to donate their time, products, resources or money to our cause. None of this is possible without you guys!

Media partnerships

Raise 'Em Outdoors has been featured on Wilderness Attitude, Archery Maniacs, Sportswomen You Oughta Know, Northwest Wild Country and Montana Full Circle. If you are involved in media production of any kind (podcast, television, video, documentary, etc.) please reach out to help share our story!



Host aN event 

We are currently in the process of planning our 2018 Raise 'Em Outdoors Camps for the summer months, and are searching for a venue to host a weekend of hunting, fishing, rifle shooting, archery and conservation for our youth participants and their families. Know of a great location and want to help us put on a great event? Email us at